In 1993 we found a lovely farmhouse (in need of 100% renovation) and fell in love with it. After spending many years to-ing and fro-ing we decided to move here, arriving in time for the 2000 tempete (storm!) At the time we were living in a caravan but from that moment we had to move into the not so finished house! Dave is a builder (me also now - roofer to be added to my c.v!) so we spent many months repairing other people's roofs damaged by the storm. We eventually got to finish the cottage part of the house and whilst we rented it out to our guests we lived in the caravan.

The main house where we live is where I also do bed and breakfast.

We love it here, although Dave misses his fast growing family in the UK.

We are located at: 3 Le Pré, 50240, Villiers le Pré, FRANCE

Contact us today! +33 233 48 15 22

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